Ways To Promote Your Landscaping Business

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If you own a landscaping business and would like to promote your business to residential and commercial property owners in the area, the following tips will assist with attracting new clients and providing them with affordable services that will improve the appearance of their property.

Offer Specials To New Customers

Decide upon some incentives to offer new clients. Basic yard clean up, tree and shrub pruning, or repairing patios or walkways can be offered at a discounted rate and details pertaining to each special can be printed on flyers. Hang flyers around town or mail them to a target audience.

If you receive a large response from people who are interested in your services, schedule an appointment with each person at a time that does not coincide with another job that needs to be completed. Setting aside empty blocks of time to focus on jobs at hand will allow you to complete projects in an organized fashion and will demonstrate your dedication to each client and their needs. 

Use Colored Shipping Tubes To Mail Samples And Plans

Purchase colored shipping tubes and fill them with samples of work that you have completed in the past or pending plans for upcoming projects. Enclose return postage with each tube so that recipients will be able to send you copies of revisions to an existing project or detailed instructions pertaining to a landscaping project that they has already been planned.

When communicating to a client over the phone or through an email, alert them to the fact that shipping tube has been sent to them so that the individual will be well-aware of the arrival of samples and plans. Custom colored tubes will prevent papers or photographs from becoming damaged and each tube can be reused, proving to be a cost effective way to send items through the mail.'

Hold An Open House

Offer an open house on the property where your business is located. Before hosting the social gathering,, decide upon some landscaping projects and materials that you would like to describe to community members. Removing weeds, pruning trees, or eliminating pests from shrubs and flowers can be useful information to discuss during the upcoming event. After people arrive for the open house, welcome them to sit down on chairs that you have set up in front of a table. Place several landscaping tools on the table and face your audience.

Speak to your guests about some of the projects that you are qualified to handle and discuss how you use each of the tools to complete landscaping jobs. After you give a speech, allow your audience members to ask you questions and provide additional information about landscaping projects and how much money it will cost for a specific landscaping task to be completed. 


19 July 2017

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