Are You Currently Unemployed? Why You Shouldn't Rule Out Working For Temporary Staffing Agencies

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Many people who are unemployed are not interested in working for temporary staffing agencies. They would rather look for a permanent position than to take on a temporary one. However, there are many benefits to working for staffing companies if you are currently unemployed. If you are unemployed and are on the fence about taking on a temporary position through an employment agency, here are a few reasons why you should consider it. 

You Can Minimize Gaps in Your Employment

An employer may question why you have gaps on your resume. In some cases, these gaps may be acceptable, such as having a child or being ill. But, if you do not have a great excuse, you may come off as unmotivated to the employer. Working, even with temporarily with a staffing company, helps to minimize these employment gap, which may make you more employable as you interview for permanent positions. 

You Can Retain Your Skills or Learn New Ones

You may not realize it, but you can lose knowledge when you do not do things routinely. As such, if you currently have a high typing speed, you can lose some of that speed if you do not type every day. When you work with an employment agency, you are able to retain the skills you have and possibly even learn new ones as you take on temporary jobs. 

You Can Increase Your Social Network

When you are looking for a job, networking yourself is important. Many people land positions just by word of mouth. When you work a temporary job, you may meet people in the industry you are looking to work in that may have job leads or can provide a great reference for you. This is a great way to get out there and network yourself, which may help you to land a permanent job faster. 

Temporary Positions Can Turn Into Permanent Ones

When you take on a temporary job, it may become permanent. The employer you are working for may love you and want to hire you. The person you are temporarily replacing may not come back. Or the staffing agency may be asked to fill a temporary position and may recommend you based on the job you are currently working temporarily for you. Working a temporary position may help you get your foot in the door with a company that may hire you on full-time. 

If you are currently unemployed, do not be scared to take on a temporary position. You can earn a paycheck to help support yourself while also being able to minimize gaps in your employment, retain your employable skills, increase your social network, and possibly land a full-time job out of it. 


25 July 2017

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