Custom Accessories For Your Hotel: Three Options To Satisfy Business Travelers

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Hotels thrive with the help of business travelers, whether they come in for annual conferences in their selected industries or they come to your city for business meetings. You can help to make business travelers feel more welcome by stocking their suites with custom business supplies. Here are some options you can use to make your hotel a welcoming place for business travelers.

Custom Business Binders

Give your business travelers a convenient way to sort and store paperwork from meetings, conventions, or trade shows with custom binders. Choose leather construction for a professional look, and place your hotel's logo discreetly on the inside of each binder. This makes it easy for your guests to use the binders at meetings without calling out where they are staying. Be sure to select binders that have pockets for business cards, and consider designs with spaces to store smartphones so they are neatly tucked away during meetings. 

City Directory Folders

Some corporate travelers may be new to your city, and providing them with a custom folder filled with information about different destinations in the area can be a great asset when they are planning their daily schedules. Have folders printed with your hotel name and logo on the front, and choose a heavy, durable material for this option. You can go one step further and have the front of the folders printed with a glossy image of your hotel or the city's skyline for an added touch. Place a few brochures for local restaurants that are favorites among local professionals, and consider adding fliers for local networking events your guests can visit to make new business connections while they are in town. You can also partner with local businesses to add coupons or gift certificates for products and services, which can be added to the folders.

Hotel Service Binders

Hotel service binders are a great option for every room in your hotel, but you can customize them specifically for corporate travelers. Add a complete section detailing the equipment you have in your business center, and add instructions for how to access in-room Wi-Fi service. In the section that details restaurant hours and room service, add information about catering options and conference room rental  in case your guests want to schedule a last-minute business meeting before leaving town. If your hotel doesn't offer in-house dry-cleaning, add a section with information about where business travelers can go to get a suit or dress cleaned in time for a meeting or trade show. You should also offer information about what services your concierge can provide to business travelers.

With the right custom informational packets and binders, you can help business travelers feel welcome in your hotel while giving them access to the services they need to get their work completed while staying in your hotel.


25 July 2017

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