What To Get Your Son For His First Union Welding Apprenticeship

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If you're son has recently been accepted into a union apprenticeship, then he is going to need to get a whole bunch of new gear. You want to make sure that his time in the apprenticeship turns out well so that he has a good chance to make it full time. Welding is a particularly difficult job. He is going to need the right gear for his best chance at being successful. Much of the stuff he needs will be supplied by the job, but you cannot rely on everything being supplied. Plus, it's always a good idea to make sure that he has some of the basics on hand so that he doesn't need to borrow from people on the job site. That can lead to animosity and might even sour his chance of getting a full time slot. So, to help him out, here's what you might want to get him.

His Own Auto-Darkening Helmet

If you are going to be welding, then you must have a helmet with special visor. This is a requirement. However, some welders might use something that is not advanced with an auto-darkening visor, or a tilt down mask. You should get your son a helmet that will automatically flip down when he bends over to work so that he does not accidentally forget which is a real concern, especially with people who are new to welding. This can cause a serious injury. Not only that, but if their supervisor sees that they are welding without the visor they can be seriously reprimanded. Remember, when checking a weld, you will flip the visor up, but its essential to flip it down again. The automatic flip down feature is therefore essential. An added feature is the auto-darkening aspect which will help shield your eyes from the bright light.

Heat Proof Gloves (Lots Of Them)

When you're handling welding equipment, you need heat proof gloves. You never want to get your hand near the melting spot and get burned. It won't be a small burn, it will be a serious, disfiguring burn. So, this is why you need to get a lot of heat proof gloves. It's important to get them replaced as soon as they start to wear down. You don't want to risk your son getting his hands permanently damaged.

A Heavy Duty Tool Box For His Truck

Your son needs to keep his tools locked up safely in his truck. This is important so that other people don't steel his tools from the job site. You can't just leave your welding tools exposed and out in the open. A good mechanics toolbox that is bolted into the bed of the truck is super important. You can get one that is made of a heavy duty weather proof material and is not going to rust. This way he can store his gloves, welding materials (TIG and MIG accessories such as leads) as well as a variety of regular tools that might be necessary such as pliers without worrying they will get boosted if he leaves his truck for a moment.

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25 July 2017

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