Tips For Enjoying Life On A Tiny Houseboat

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If you think living in a tiny house would be fun and a great way to downsize and save money, then you may love the idea of living on a tiny houseboat instead. Part of the appeal of a tiny home is that it can be mobile so you can move it from place to place and live a nomad lifestyle. A tiny houseboat takes mobility to a new level since you can explore the nation's waterways and wake up to gorgeous views every morning. Here are some suggestions for enjoying life on tiny houseboats:

Buy A Four-Season Houseboat

Depending on where you place your houseboat, with a little planning, you can live on it all year. A marine battery supplies power for lights and other essentials, and you can install a fireplace if you need extra heat in the winter. Since the houseboat is tiny, a small fireplace will heat up the entire home nicely as long as it is built with good insulation. Whether you live on the houseboat full-time or just use it as a getaway, you'll be able to enjoy the changes of seasons on the water, which is a beautiful thing to experience up close as the colors along the banks change.

Maximize Your Space

A tiny houseboat is like any other tiny home. You can live in it comfortably full-time if you maximize space and minimize your belongings. A houseboat has the added benefit of having a deck where you have some outdoor space perfect for a dog or outdoor cooking. You might even use the top of the home for rooftop gardening so you can grow your vegetables and live off fish you catch, reducing the number of trips you have to take into town.

Since your boat will be moored to a private dock, you could even use the dock for growing plants and for things like grilling and storing propane. One thing you'll have to decide is if you want to keep your boat at the dock permanently or outfit it with a suitable motor so you can move it around on the water. If your boat will be mobile by land and water, you'll definitely need to put a lot of planning into maximizing your space so you can travel freely and without hassle.

Consider A Marina

For the ultimate luxury in your tiny houseboat, you may want to consider mooring at a marina full-time or part-time. This will give your tiny home access to electricity, cable TV, and the internet. You'll still be able to enjoy the comforting feel of floating on the water, and your expenses will be lower than living in an apartment. However, if you want to live on a boat for the isolation of living in nature, then finding a private dock would be a better choice for you.

You can find building plans for tiny homes you can convert into a houseboat, but you may want to buy one already built. When you buy one already made, you can have peace of mind that it is watertight and insulated well for comfort on cold nights. While you might get by with making mistakes on a DIY tiny home built on land, a mistake on a houseboat could spell catastrophe.


24 October 2017

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