Hotels: Name Three Things That Are Pretty, Inexpensive, And Look Like You Spent A Fortune

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Okay, hotel managers--you know what you spend on things that really dress up your hotel. What if you could spend less and get even more pretty things for your establishment? What if you could also throw away what you buy, or recycle it whenever you wanted to? That might be a product that you could really use in your hotel. Here are three such products that provide a wow factor for just a few dollars, and when you are done with them, recycle them.

Swirl Aluminum Table Toppers

It is fascinating to look at these aluminum table toppers, as you could swear that they were a laminate or completely metal table top. Yet, they are just hollow aluminum toppers, made to fit over the tops of any folding tables or round tables. Because they are aluminum, they wipe clean quickly, and once they are damaged or too scratched up, you simply recycle them. The swirled, reflective, patterns come in several colors to accommodate any special events held in your hotel.

Spandex Linens

Just when you thought spandex went out of style, there it is--stretched out over the legs of a table and reaching up to cover the table's edges! These new linens for commercial purposes are super stretchy, which makes them easy to remove. Better still, spandex cannot be stained, and they can be washed with the hotel laundry instead of dry-cleaned.

If food or drink ends up on the spandex linens, it rolls off or wipes off without a trace. While table linens eventually wear out and cannot be recycled, spandex linens are extremely durable and last a very long time, which means you never have to replace them. Colors range from the traditional box of school crayons to neon brights and even custom linens imprinted with hotel name and information.

Stick-on Glass Decorations

Imagine if you could have frosted, etched, or stained glass throughout your hotel. That would be really pretty, would it not? It would also be exceedingly expensive. Luckily, you can get different glass effects with the application of stick-on glass decorations. These vinyl peel-off/stick ons give an incredible faux finish to every piece of glass. Unless you are standing nose to nose with the glass, it is very difficult to tell that the finish is fake. Even the stained glass ones have raised partitions that look and almost feel like the frames in real stained glass! The best part is that they are cheap, and when you get bored with the look, you peel it off and recycle it.


26 November 2017

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