Adding Spray Foam Insulation To Your Home

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If you are building a new home, you need to think about how you are going to insulate it. There are obviously many ways to heat your home using electricity and gas powered appliances. However, no matter how efficient your central heating system is, it won't be efficient if your walls are not properly insulated. Spray foam insulation is becoming more popular because it is economic, efficient, and easy to apply. This article explains how spray foam trailers can be used to apply insulation to the walls and floorboards of your new home.

Why Spray Foam?

Fiberglass is one insulation material that has been around much longer than spray foam. Fiberglass usually comes in batting form. Long continuous rolls are the exact width of traditional stud bays (the space between vertical studs in most construction). This means it just needs to be cut to size and stapled to the studs before the drywall is added. Spray foam is becoming more popular because it offers better insulation. Spray foam can completely fill in the bays and make sure there are no cavities or blank spaces. This result offers better heat retention and improved soundproofing.

Spray foam is also preferred because it isn't itchy and difficult to work with. Once spray foam is dry, it is clean and durable. There are many different types and brands of spray foam mixtures, and many products consist of recycled materials. These products are not only appealing to Eco-conscious buyers, they are also just as insulating as new products. You don't have to sacrifice insulation in order to buy a green product that you can feel good about.

How Spray Foam is Applied

Spray foam is applied with air compressor and pneumatic sprayers. When adding foam to an entire home, you need to use quite heavy duty equipment. You need a high capacity sprayer, but also a lot of storage for the foam mixture. This is why it is often necessary for professionals to use spray foam trailers. These are small trailers with a refillable tank for the foam. This large capacity enables the sprayer to spray for longer periods of time without stopping to refill the tank. Most professionals don't actually own the trailer. Instead, they rent them as the job requires. Ultimately, a spray foam trailer will enable the contractor to get the job done much quicker, and with a more consistent foam mixture. For more information, contact companies such as Spray Equipment and Coatings Inc.


19 January 2018

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