Safety Guidelines To Protect Children Who Are Placed In Your Care

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If you run a daycare in your home, you are essentially responsible for the lives of the children who are placed in your care and need to take measures to protect the children at all times. The safety guidelines that follow will help keep the children out of harm's way.

Purchase An Extinguisher And Learn How To Use It

A standard extinguisher can be a lifesaver if a small fire erupts in your home and you need to act quickly to extinguish flames. After purchasing a extinguisher, learn how to use it by signing up for a fire safety class. An instructor will identify ways to prevent fires and will teach you how to assess a fire if one is encountered.

Of course, it would not be wise to attempt to put out a large fire that is spreading quickly and the instructor will teach you how to determine if you and the children need to exit the premises immediately. Make sure that you have a viable way to exit your home and practice using the exit with the children during random fire drills. Have the fire extinguisher inspected yearly and purchase a new extinguisher when needed. 

Keep Chemicals And Additional Dangerous Items Out Of Reach

Keep chemicals and heavy or sharp items out of reach by removing them from the rooms that you spend time in with the children. If you have cleaning supplies and tools that are used routinely to keep your home sanitized and you do not have a separate room to store the items in, purchase a large lock box to use as a storage spot. Get into the habit of cleaning after the children are picked up each night and always check the rooms in your home to make sure that none of the cleaning supplies are accidentally left out. 

Complete Training Courses And Hire Helpers

Learn life saving techniques, such as CPR and first aid by signing up for a training course that is offered in your town. During training sessions, you will learn how to identify emergencies and how to respond if one or more of the children are in need of help. Hire a couple employees and require each of them to take a training course prior to watching kids at your home. By having additional help, it will be easier to keep track of the kids and ensure that their safety is maintained at all times. 

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26 January 2018

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