Worried About Your Online Business? 4 Methods To Test Usability

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If you run an online business, you know that today's market is all about usability. If your website isn't user-friendly, it isn't going to maintain the traffic that's required for consistent growth. Not only that, but you'll lose your customers to sites that do provide a more user-friendly atmosphere. That's why it's so important that you focus on the usability. Focusing on usability ensures that your website remains easy to navigate and that it provides the services that your customers want and need. Here are four methods you can use to test usability.

Invest in Usability Testing

When it comes to ensuring a user-friendly environment on your website, the best thing you can do is invest in usability testing software such as Playbook UX. This type of testing provides you with real-time results that allow you to track and monitor the traffic on your website. It's also flexible enough to allow you to accommodate the changes that occur in your business, including the growth and expansion of new services.

Get Effective Feedback

If you want to know what your customers think about the usability of your website, start a focus group. One of the benefits of using information garnered from a focus group is that you get firsthand feedback from the people who use your website the most—your customers. Another benefit of a focus group is that you don't need to gather feedback from a large sample. In fact, an effective focus group may only contain a handful of people. However, this handful of people will provide you with their personal thoughts and feelings regarding your products and your website.

Conduct Beta Testing

If you haven't been using beta testing for your new programs and products, you need to start. Beta testing allows you to test your product on people before it's actually ready to hit the market. The information you receive from beta testing provides you with the opportunity to fine tune your product or app before it heads out to a larger customer base.

Weigh Your Options

If you're trying to choose between two or three design concepts, take the time to weigh your options. Once you have your options narrowed to just a couple, you can present those to a test group similar to your focus group. It's important to note that this method will work best when you've already narrowed the field to your top two or three favorites.


11 April 2019

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