Three Great Materials For A Green Dog Collar

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Everyone wants to be a better citizen and steward of the environment, but sometimes the effort can seem overwhelming. Every great journey begins with a single stride, however, and one small step you can take is to help your pets reduce their environmental impact. Recycling has become popular in recent years as a way to take old, unused goods and turn them into high-quality items. These recycled products can be found just about everywhere, and there's no reason your dog can't get in on the fun.

While several potential doggie items are an excellent fit for this kind of recycling, collars are particularly well-suited. Many durable materials are available to make this fashionable accessory for your furry friend, and each option keeps a little bit more trash out of a landfill. Whether you are trying your hand at making your own recycled dog collar or looking to buy a ready-made option, these are three impressive materials to keep in mind.

Recycled Polyester Webbing

Ever wonder what happens to all those plastic bottles that you toss into your recycling bin? Recycled bottles find many uses, but one is PET (polyethylene terephthalate) webbing. This polyester fabric is strong, long-lasting, and relatively easy to work with. PET webbing is used in many recycling applications, including shoes, clothing, and, of course, dog collars. If you are considering a do-it-yourself option, then PET webbing is a great material to get started. Professionally manufactured PET collars are generally indistinguishable from the typical nylon dog collar, despite being significantly more friendly for the environment.

Climbing Rope

This material is practically ready-made for collars, and it comes in a wide range of colors and styles. The majority of climbing ropes are constructed from woven nylon with a strong core, making climbing rope collars nearly unbreakable. Climbing rope also works well for leashes and pull-toys. Although this is a somewhat expensive option if you're buying rope purely to recycle into collars, it's a perfect way to make sure that old gear finds a new home.

Fire Hoses

Fire hoses are covered in sleeves that were previously constructed from cotton, but currently use materials shockingly similar to those found in traditional collars. Many fire hoses use polyester or nylon covers, making them the perfect source for material to recycle into a collar. Although hoses are durable, they do wear out over time and fire departments must replace their old gear regularly. Once these hoses are no longer suitable for their intended purpose, the outer covering can be easily recycled into fashionable, strong, and environmentally-friendly accessories for your pup.


6 December 2019

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