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If you have decided that your current closet just isn't working for you and that your closet needs a redesign, you might find yourself at a loss as far as were to start with the closet design process. There are a lot of ways that you can go with your closet design depending on the amount of space you have and what you need to store in your closet area. Get to know a few closet design tips to help you out with the process. Then, you can be sure that you are putting your all into your closet design. 

1. Make Sure Your Closet Has Good Lighting

The last thing you want in your closet space is unflattering and poor fluorescent lighting. You want to have high-quality lighting for your closet that helps you to see the true color of your clothes and how they look on you. 

If you have a walk-in closet consider a combination of overhead lighting and a floor lamp or something similar. This staggering height of the lighting will help to get light at different angles onto you and your outfits so that you have a good idea of how you look no matter the lighting situation. 

2. Consider Double Clothes Racks

If you are thinking about maximizing your closet space consider using double clothes racks. Essentially, you can double up the clothes racks height-wise in that you have one rack just above eye level and another at about waist level. You will be able to fit more clothing in the racks that way and will be able to better organize your clothing. 

You can double up the racks depth-wise as well. If you have a deep closet but it is not a walk-in, you could put clothing racks one in front of the other. You could then keep special occasion or off-season clothing on the back racks to keep them out of the way of your everyday clothing. 

3. Organize Your Clothes Using a System

You do not just want to throw your clothes in the closet all haphazardly if you want a good closet design. You need to use some kind of system. Some people organize their clothing by color, others by length with the longest on the left and the shortest to the right. You could also combine systems. 

Whichever system you use, use it. Stick to it and keep your clothes organized. You will be surprised at how much easier your life becomes in the process.

4. Use All of Your Closet Space (Floor to Ceiling)

Use your closet floor to ceiling to maximize space. There are fantastic wall-mounted closet design solutions and systems that combine shelving for accessories and shoes, and hanging racks for the closet. Have one custom-designed to fit the dimensions of your closet and you will be sure that you are getting the most out of your closet space. 

Now that you know a few tips to help you with your closet design, you can get the process of redoing your closet started as soon as possible. Contact companies like American Built In Closets for more information on closet design. 


16 June 2020

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