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If you remember that one occasion when you purchased a set of drapes because of their visual appeal in a home interior brochure but were greatly disappointed by the poor quality of the fabric, you may be apprehensive about purchasing an upholstered furnishing or a window covering. Swatch memos take away the guesswork associated with the type of product that you will be presented with. With a set of swatches, you can intertwine colors and patterns or stick to a distinct fabric type that will enhance your home's interior.

There Are Many Textile Types

Twill, cotton, silk, suede, and polyester are just several of the fabric types that curtains, drapes, valances, or upholstery are constructed of, and if you have stuck to some basic home furnishings or window covering types in the past, you may not have experienced the look and feel of many of the textile types that are currently on the market. If you are purchasing a new couch, a loveseat, or another furnishing that is being used to complete an ensemble, swatch memos will help you match the fabric color and style.

If you are going to be updating a room in entirety and are considering adding some bold colors and prints to the surroundings, memos will help you select a textile type that is pleasant to look at, comfortable to the touch, and fairly easy to keep maintained.

Some people tend to buy pricey fabric coverings that are delicate in nature, and this may result in needing to use clear covers to protect the fabric. If you would like to get the most use out of your furnishing and don't want to compromise your comfort level, use a set of memos to select a fabric type that is both stylish and durable.

You Will Be Provided With An Easy Ordering System

A set of swatches may include loose scraps of fabric that are contained in a box and that have been marked with a label that contains a fabric name, color, or style. There are also swatch sets that are hooked together, allowing the end user to quickly flip through different textile types and feel them or test their properties. When you order an upholstered piece of furniture or a window covering from a supplier, provide the code that is associated with the fabric type, so that your end purchase will arrive exactly as you have planned it to be.

Reach out to a supplier to get swatch memos.


31 July 2020

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