Have A Raccoon In Your Home? Know What Can Be Done To Get Rid Of It

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While many homeowners live peacefully with raccoons in the neighborhood, it becomes a problem when they try to move into your home. Raccoons will try to find defects in a home's structure that allow them to get into an attic or crawlspace, where they will make their home, cause damage, and create a lot of noise in the process. Here are some ways that you can deal with a troublesome raccoon in your home.

Set Up Traps

One of the easiest ways to get rid of a raccoon is to set up a trap in the place that you know they are living. There are many live traps that you can rent that will capture a raccoon without hurting it, and then you can take it out of your home so that it can be released. Once you know that there are no raccoons in your attic or crawlspace, you can close the way that they are getting into your home, which may involve performing some roof work or sealing up holes. 

Make The Space Unappealing

The raccoon is going to need to leave your attic or crawlspace to get food, and you want to make your home an unappealing place for them to make their nest. Consider putting ammonia near the entrance where they are getting in to create a very unappealing scent that will make them look elsewhere to shelter. Once you know that the raccoon has been gone for some time by not hearing noise, you can repair the entrance point to ensure that no more get inside. 

Make Some Noise

Raccoons do not like loud noises, and making a lot of noise may scare them away. Consider blasting a loud speaker in the space so that the raccoons will be driven away. They'll eventually decide to leave and find a quieter place to make their home, which will not be your attic or crawl space. 

Hire A Professional

This may be a job that you want to leave to a professional raccoon removal service. It is possible for raccoons to have rabies, and you'd rather just not deal with getting close up to a raccoon and the risk of getting attacked or bit by this pest. A professional will help remove the raccoon safely and also find how it is getting into your home since the entry point may not be as obvious as you think it is. 

To learn more, contact a raccoon removal company.


14 October 2020

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