How a Supply Chain Third-Party Logistics Company Can Help With Subscription Box Fulfillment

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If you run a company that specializes in sending out subscription boxes for your customers or if this is an additional service that your company offers, then you can probably really benefit from working with supply chain third-party logistics solution providers. If you're curious about the different ways that these companies can help out a business like yours, consider the examples below. Just make sure that you find a third-party logistics company that has experience in handling subscription fulfillments for their customers and that offers the services that are going to be most beneficial for you.

Offering Warehouse Space

To provide the best products in your subscription boxes while keeping prices low for customers and bringing in a nice profit, you may have to purchase items in bulk. This is often the best way to get a great deal on items that you will be putting in the boxes, and it can help you ensure that you have enough products so that you can provide subscription boxes for all of the customers who want them. Of course, one downside of buying items in bulk is the lack of storage space. If you don't have enough warehouse space, you will probably be happy to find that many logistics companies actually offer warehouse space for their customers.

Preparing Boxes 

You might not be sure of how you are going to put your subscription boxes together, but the right logistics company can help. They can help you with picking and ordering packaging, and they can even help with actually putting items in the boxes and preparing the boxes for shipment. This can make things much easier for you and can help you ensure that all of your subscription boxes are packaged as they should be.

Getting Boxes Out to Customers Promptly

Your customers might look forward to receiving a subscription box from your company each month, and it's probably important to you to get the boxes out on time. If you use the right third party logistics company, they can help with ensuring that your subscription boxes end up where they need to go on time each month.

Keeping Everyone Informed

You will probably want to know where your products and boxes are at all times, and your customers might be curious about when they are going to receive their subscription boxes. A good third party logistics company should provide you with regular tracking information. This can provide you with the information that you need and can make it easier for you to keep your customers informed, too.


24 February 2021

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