Automating The Core Systems In Your Business's Building

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Building automation systems have emerged as an excellent option for streamlining company operations. However, these systems are often underutilized by business leaders due to some common misconceptions concerning the system features and their installation process.

Myth: Building Automation Systems Do Little More Than Control The Lights

Buildings will often utilize automation systems to make managing the lights easier. For a large commercial building, ensuring that all of the lights are turned off at the end of the day can be fairly time-consuming, but leaving these lights on overnight can also be costly. An automation system means these lights can be turned off at the same time every day. However, this is far from the only way that these systems will benefit your building. For example, industrial systems can be connected to the automation control system to provide centralized control over the core pieces of equipment and machinery.

Myth: A Building Automation System Will Be Easy For You To Install On Your Own

The installation of a building automation system is not something that you should underestimate in terms of difficulty. They will need to be directly wired to the building's electrical system, integrated with the equipment that you are wanting it to manage. Various sensors or other controls may need to be installed throughout the building as well. Hiring a professional building automation installation service can be an effective way of easily ensuring that these complex systems are correctly installed while also saving you from the time and labor involved with this upgrade.

Myth: Building Automation Systems Will Always Increase Your Energy Costs

Because a building automation system will need to be connected to the building's power, individuals may assume that this upgrade will substantially increase the amount of energy that their building uses each month. In reality, these systems can often help to lower the total amount of energy that your building uses. This is due to ensuring that energy-intensive equipment and systems are only running when they are needed during normal business hours. Furthermore, the amount of energy that the automation system will require is actually fairly small, and it may not require electrical upgrades to the building to accommodate the energy that the automation system will require. During the initial design for the automation system, the contractor will be able to help you estimate the energy savings that these systems may be able to provide as well as the amount of power that they will need to operate. Contact a building automation installation company for more information. 


11 June 2021

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