Three Changes That Annealing Does To Your Metal

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Annealing is a very common and popular way to alter the properties of virtually any metal you would like. The process is quite simple: it is a heat treatment that raises the temperature of the metal above its critical level, which then allows you to do all sorts of procedures on the metal to make it perfect for your purposes. Annealing has many different benefits and it is used in almost every industry, from the creation of electronics to jewelry. To understand why, here are three of the most advantageous changes that annealing offers those looking to change their metal or alloys. 

Reduce Stress In Metals And Alloys

If your metal objects have been used in the past in quite rough-and-tumble environments, they might developing internal residual stress. This stress is impossible to see, but it can form as a result of a number of causes, from excess heat to pressure placed on the metal. Annealing removes this residual stress through its heat treatment, giving the metal back its original integrity and strength and allowing you to use it for purposes where its strength is of high importance. If you aren't sure about whether your metal may have residual stress in it, talk to an annealing service; they will be able to provide more information.

Strengthening Certain Metals

Not every metal and alloy is built to withstand copious amounts of stress. Some metals form in quite fragile structures, and they often break easier than the stronger variants, like steel. However, annealing can increase the strength of these metals by reducing the frail structures they naturally occur in, thus making them a lot more bonded and strong. Because of this, annealing is used on a variety of metals to reduce costs and increase strength in many tools and pieces of equipment. 

Increases Maneuverability

Maneuverability is not really something that is often thought of when you bring up metal, but everyone uses pieces of metal that have been shaped into odd patterns and designs everyday. Without annealing, metal would be very hard to move from its original form. Even after the annealing heating process is done, the metal it has been applied to will remain very ductile and easy to shape. Because of this, annealing is key in the manufacturing of so many different, smaller metal items that require odd bends and intricate shapes.

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16 July 2021

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