What You Should Know Before Starting To Use Bioidentical Hormone Creams For Women

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Hormone replacement therapy has come so far over the past few decades. No longer are your only options oral or injectable hormones. Today, you can purchase topical creams that contain bioidentical hormones. These creams work well for many women, but there are a few things you should know before you start using them.

They're derived from plants. 

Some women are concerned that the hormones they're receiving are harvested from other women or from animals. But the good news is that bioidentical hormones are derived from plants. So, there's no need to worry about animal cruelty when using these products. Laboratories use either yams, cactus, or soy plants to create the hormones. The end result is, as amazing as it may sound, hormones that are exactly like the ones your own body makes. In other words, your body can't tell the difference.

The cream acts throughout your body.

Your doctor will tell you where to apply your cream. Often, you'll be told to apply it to your arm or abdomen. This does not mean the hormones will only be active in the area of application. Rather, the bioidentical hormone cream is designed so that the hormones can easily penetrate your skin and be absorbed into your bloodstream. Once there, the hormones will go to work throughout your body, helping to counteract the diverse symptoms of menopause, from mood swings to vaginal dryness.

You do need to be wary of product transfer.

Bioidentical hormone creams are medications. They should only be used by the people to whom they are prescribed. And if you use these creams, you do need to be careful not to transfer them to others. Don't let anyone else touch the application site until the cream has been fully absorbed. Also, keep your own hands off the application site so you don't get the cream on your fingers and transfer it elsewhere. Additionally, washing your hands immediately after application can help prevent the transfer of product.

They come in various formulas.

Some bioidentical hormone creams contain estrogen and progesterone. Others provide only estrogen. Your doctor will determine which option is likely to be safest and best suited to your needs. They can also modify the concentration of your cream as needed. 

Bioidentical hormones make hormone replacement an option for many women. If you're interested in using one of these creams to help ease your menopause symptoms, contact a doctor near you.

For more information on womens' bioidentical cream, contact a company near you.


22 December 2021

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